Friday, October 03, 2008

Canine Chorus Lauds Dog Hero

Canine crooners have auditioned to take part in a special choir which will pay musical tribute to legendary dog hero Swansea Jack.

The black retriever became a local hero in the Swansea area of England in the 1930s for rescuing drowning swimmers from Swansea's docks. Born in 1930 Swansea Jack hit the headlines the following year when he rescued a swimmer from the docks.

Legend has it that he went on to save 27 people from drowning over seven years. In 1936 he was named the 'Bravest Dog of the Year' by the London Star newspaper and was awarded two bronze medals by the National Canine Defence League. A monument paid for by public subscription stands on Swansea promenade .

Once formed, the canine choir will create and and perform a new song in celebration of the hero. 'A Song For Jack' will also be transcribed.

Judges auditioned dogs at Swansea's National Waterfront Museum. The dogs which auditioned all start singing after hearing a piece of music or a direct command.

Grace Davies who helped to organize the auditions said they had seen some "cracking diva dogs".

"It has been loads of fun," she added.

The project is the brainchild of Cardiff-based artist Richard Higlett who said the canine choir will perform a special concert outside the National Waterfront Museum with accompaniment from local musicians.

"Dogs sing together instinctively as part of a pack, their sense of community," he said.

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