Sunday, December 14, 2008

Treat Envy

In today's Washington Post an article posited that "Dogs Feel Envy -- or at Least Grasp Inequity When It Comes to Treats." The study found that dogs that watched another dog get a reward for following a command would start to hesitate, get upset and act frustrated if they were not rewarded for the same behavior. But you knew that, right?!

Come into GreenPets to stock up on treats that are healthy for your pet and adds to their well-being and good nutrition. It is so tempting to give your dog just a little extra from the table over the holidays. resist the urge to give them food that can cause problems, keep the treat jar filled with a variety of yummy snacks you can feel good about sharing.

Friday, December 12, 2008

More Treats Please!

We've been so happy with the Dogswell line of treats that we have expanded our offerings. Come get some delicious and nutritious treats for your canine companions!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No More Stains

We've just received a new shipment of Angel Eyes, a customer favorite here at GreenPets. Angel Eyes is a product for both dogs & cats that eliminates tearstains without the use of dyes. Read more about this useful product here. And look for the Angel Eyes display in the front of the store.

Monday, December 08, 2008


If cryogenic science is perfected, it promises a future where humans can travel to the future just by freezing themselves. But cryogenics entrepreneurs have more mundane ideas for bringing freezy suspended animation into everyday life. Scenario Land imagines that someday home cryogenics products could perform important tasks like freezing your pets for easier travel.

John Heylin, a future blogger at Scenario Land, envisioned the Cryotranz pet carrier, which would give pet owners the ability to place their furry loved one in suspended animation so they won’t have to endure the trauma of travel:

Although the operation of such a device may seem rather daunting, Cryotranz™ hopes that by combining their newest cryo-breakthroughs with eye-appealing design that cryonics will move past the image the industry has of just freezing the heads of the rich and break into the mass consumer world.

Although you're meant to take cryo-kitty with you in the car or on a plane, it’s not a huge leap to imagine how people might use cryogenic devices to try to ship animals through the mail. Or, as one commenter pointed out, how small children might try to use it to freeze their young siblings.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Britain's Biggest Loser!

Eight of Britain's fattest pets are to embark on a 100-day diet and fitness regime in a bid to crowned this year's pet fit club champion.

The seven dogs and one cat, who are all more than 30 percent overweight and weigh a combined total of 421 lbs, were picked by veterinary charity PDSA who are running the slimming contest.

The animals, who need to lose a total of 163 lbs to reach their ideal weight, will be put on specially tailored diet and exercise programs.

The pet who achieves the biggest percentage weight loss and best follows their new regime will be crowned champion, winning their owner a pet-friendly holiday.

PDSA statistics show around 30 percent of Britain's dogs are overweight or obese, amounting to around 1.95 million fat dogs.

"Alongside their daily portions of pet food, owners often show their affection by giving unhealthy human treats such as cheese, buttered toast and biscuits. They don't realize they are actually killing their pets with kindness," said Sean Wensley, a veterinary surgeon at PDSA.