Friday, July 18, 2008

Grooming is Back!

GreenPets is thrilled to announce the addition of groomer Wendy Campos to our team. Wendy brings over sixteen years of experience to the table, and we're not simply talking dogs! On any given day you can find cats receiving manicures, guinea pigs getting baths, and birds having their wings clipped. Finally, a full service salon for all of your animals! Wendy really understands animals and makes them feel at ease in our grooming shop.

Our food is the highest quality on the market and we hold our grooming products to the same standard. That's why our grooming shop is exclusively stocked with Tropiclean shampoos and conditioners. Tropiclean is one of the best all-natural shampoos we have ever found for dogs & cats. We carry Tropiclean shampoos in our store for you to do baths at home as well. Scents include Papaya, Aloe, Mango, Neem (an all natural insect repellent) and Oatmeal (for sensitive skin). And recently they began to use groovy biodegradable bottles to make their product even greener!

You can find Wendy at GreenPets on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Stop in or call today to make your appointment!
Services include bathing, grooming, nail clipping, gland expression and ear cleaning.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

License Help Neutering in Georgia

By purchasing one of two pet-themed license plates, Georgia residents are making an impact on the state’s “tragic” cat and dog overpopulation, according to Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin, who recently unveiled updated figures on statewide Dog and Cat Sterilization Program.

Since January 2008, more than $198,000 has been raised through sales of dog and cat “Buddy” plates and donations program. Georgians may buy one of the license plates for their vehicles from county tag offices throughout the state for $25 one-time fee.

One plate features a large retriever and carries the message that Georgians should spay and neuter their animals to prevent dog and cat overpopulation. A second design displays an image of a cat and a dog framed inside of a peach and the words “Animal Friend.” A third version, to feature a cat, is in the works.

From each plate sold, more than $22 directly benefits the sterilization program. The funds are used only for spay-neuter procedures and educational outreach programs. Since its inception in November 2003, the program has distributed more than $1,886,345 to subsidize 35,764 spay-neuter procedures performed by 751 licensed veterinarians.

Licensed, accredited veterinarians perform low-cost sterilization procedures and receive reimbursement through a contractual agreement with the Georgia Department of Agriculture.
“The success of our Dog and Cat Sterilization Program is due to the support of our fellow Georgians,” Irvin said in a statement. “With their help, we have been able to make an impact on the health of our four-legged friends.”

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pricey Pooch Partners

New Zealand is a land of sheep, and lots of them. When your principal agricultural industry is sheep, there's no more valuable dog than the Australian Shepherad.

And while many sheep farmers may be exiting the industry to go dairying, demand was still expected to be strong today for the 33 heading dogs and 21 huntaways on offer at the Charlton saleyards, where this is the 51st Annual Herding Dog Sale.

PGG Wrightson agent Nicol Gray believed the good dogs would fetch upwards of $3000.

"The quality is pretty high — just as good as last year — and we will be expecting good prices," he said.

Each dog would give a make-or-break two-minute demonstration working a mob of sheep under the watchful eye of potential buyers.

Last year heading dog Sox, bred by Matt O'Connell, of Middlemarch, made the top price of $4000, while John Tweed, of Lawrence, sold the top huntaway, Mel, for $3700.