Monday, October 06, 2008

TropiClean: the BioDegradable Product Bottle!

You probably already know that the TropiClean pet bathing products that GreenPets sells are natural formulas with therapeutic extracts for the health and care of your pet's skin and coat. That's why they're so popular with our customers!

But did you also know that TropiClean is committed to environment-friendliness in its products and packaging as well?

Yes, that's why TropicClean bottles are 100% biodegradable! In fact, they are the only pet shampoo bottles that are. The bottle and sleeve are completely degradable within 180 days in a commercial compost landfill. Amazing!

As long as you're devoted to keeping your pet clean, why not keep the planet clean at the same time? Buy TropiClean petcare products at GreenPets!

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