Monday, September 29, 2008

Pet Naturals Soft Chews now at GreenPets!

Have you tried one of GreenPets' favorite new products, Pet Naturals brand Soft Chews?

They are ingenious; they combine pet supplements with chew treats for your pet! They are an excellent alternative to powders, pills, and potions.

Not only is the food element of Pet Naturals Soft Chews good for your pet, they come in a wide variety of supplement styles. We're carrying:

Hip & Joint helps support joint structure, function, and flexibility.

Calming is for anxiety with separation or travel, or just basic "nervous little dog" syndrome.

Don't just treat your dog; treat your dog or cat right, with Pet Naturals Soft Chews from GreenPets.

1 comment:

Betty said...

I gave the calming chews to my Jack Russell before a long car trip last week and they totally worked. Champ made it all the way to my parents' house in New Jersey without whining. Thanks!