Monday, September 08, 2008

Simple Solutions Natural Pads at GreenPets!

Need some sort of puppy pad for you dog to "go on" to save your nose, your rugs, and your sanity?

Naturally, GreenPets has the answer: Simple Solution brand "Natural Pads", a bio-degradable 'pee pad' for your pet!

Bio–degrades faster than an orange peel! All components including the package are 100% bio-degradable, compostable and free of petroleum-based materials.

  • The top sheet is made of a natural, cellulose fiber from trees.
  • The absorbent core is comprised of tree pulp.
  • The bottom sheet, which is typically plastic, is a bio-degradable film.
Best of all, the pads are not just environment-friendly, but perform high in quality and absorbency.

As long as your dog's doing what comes naturally in answering nature's call, you should give that call a nature response: Simple Solution Natural Pads, from GreenPets.

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