Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Next Event for Greenpets Festival

Microchip on my Shoulder

Dr. Dan Teich from DC Home Vet will be joining us this weekend for our next event in the Greenpets Festival. Saturday April 19-20, 12-6pm.

Getting a microchip for your pet is the most effective way to ensure pet recovery if lost. This quick, painless procedure gives a unique number that is entered onto an international database and can be updated as you move from place to place. Microchips are very tiny (roughly the size of a grain of rice) and are inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades, guaranteeing the chip is not lost or damaged, as tags and collars can be, and lasts for a lifetime.

Get your pet(s) a Microchip this weekend only for a low-cost of $40 at Greenpets, located 1722 14 Street NW Washington, DC 20009
For more information (202) 986-7907.

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