Friday, April 18, 2008


Nothing is as disturbing as the sound of a cat trying to cough up a hairball. Hairballs, or “fur balls” are quantities of hair that accumulate in the cat’s stomach or small intestine. Hairballs are formed when a cat grooms itself and swallows hairs, and since hair is not easily digested it can compact with undigested food in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Problems occur when hair that does not get excreted and gathers in the cats stomach or intestine and forms a dense ball or mat which cannot be passed, the ball is then vomited. What can you do to prevent or aide in hairball relief?

1. 1. Brushing more frequently (the bonding that develops between you and your cat is an added bonus)

2. 2. Buying special hairball formula foods. Choosing a diet that is high in fiber and protein, such as Premium Edge Adult Hairball Formula will help with hairball problems. Also having a food that is high in protein will cause your cat to shed less, thus reducing the risk of hairballs.

3. 3. Hairball remedies come in various forms: treats, chewable tablets, and oil–based supplements to add in the food.

Food and supplements work by lubricating the cat’s digestive tract to help move excess hair easily. If this is done on a regular and consistent basis large mats and balls will never form.

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