Monday, November 24, 2008

Exotic Pet Amnesty in Florida

Faced with growing reports of exotic snakes and reptiles roaming the wilds of Florida and competing with native animals, state wildlife officials have made it easier for exotic pet owners to give up pets they no longer want.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission conducted one of its "pet amnesty days" on Saturday at the Jacksonville Zoo.

Though "pet amnesty days", the commission hopes to stem the number of animals being "set free" to roam.

Even though it's illegal to turn exotic animals loose, boa constrictors, monitor lizards and the like are often reported. More than 130 species have established reproducing populations in the state.

On pet amnesty days, owners can surrender the exotic pets for free, with no questions asked. According to a commission news release, the animals will be examined by a licensed veterinarian, and, if they're healthy, the state will try to place them with qualified owners.


Michael said...

Would you believe that even if they can get out of hand, reptiles are still very popular exotic pets? I do wish people take more responsibility!

pierrehery said...
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Vina said...

Wow big reptile, but my country have big reptile komodo.