Thursday, October 30, 2008

Come to GreenPets to experience Nature's Miracle!

If you live with a cat, what's the most important thing to your mutual quality of life?

Yup; the quality of your cat's litter.

That's why GreenPets carries Nature's Miracle brand odor control cat litter, with its numerous advantages!

Take a look at all the joy's of Nature's Miracle below, and you'll probably come to GreenPets to get some for your cat TODAY!

  • Non-clumping formula that is easy to clean and dispose of.
  • Fresh pine scent.
  • Works great with automated litter boxes.
  • Lightweight formula that weighs half the weight of clay litter is easy to carry, pour, and dispose of.
  • 99% dust-free.
  • Safe, completely biodegradable formula.
  • Also great for newly declawed kittens/cats who can begin using immediately.
  • Good for multi-cat households or with sick cats.
  • Triple Action Odor Control system continually insures the freshest environment.
  • Uniquely blended natural formula with superior clumping quality.
  • Natural corn cob granules immediately absorb 2X the volume of traditional clay litter.
  • Activates when wet to entrap, neutralize, and destroy tough odors.
  • Pine fragrance with natural enzymes act continually to deliver a long lasting scent.

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