Friday, August 15, 2008

Publicity Hound

It turns out that the owner of the world's first commercially cloned dogs is a former cheerleader and beauty queen who scandalised Britain 30 years ago after kidnapping a Mormon missionary at gunpoint and manacling him to a bed for sex.

Bernann McKinney hit the headlines earlier this month upon receiving five pitbull puppies from the South Korean laboratory that cloned her beloved dead pet, Booger.

The Seoul-based laboratory, RNL Bio, charged her $50,000 for the clones - one-third of its standard rate - because she helped them with publicity. They're getting more than they bargain for with the connection of McKinney to the infamous kidnapping of Kirk Anderson, a Utah missionary, by a Joyce McKinney back in 1977.

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dcreverend said...

This is fantastic. She gave off such a terrificly crazy vibe in the publicity photo, it's lovely that the backstory is even loopier than I could have imagined!