Friday, October 17, 2008

"Jane! Stop this crazy thing!"

Maybe your dog is getting a little chubby from eating all those treats. Or maybe the weather -- too hot, too cold, too snowy, too stormy -- makes it difficult to get him out for exercise.

Whatever the cause, DogTred may be the solution. It's a little doggie treadmill sized for the canine physique. Krista Wickens, head of PetZen in Utah, which developed the product, says DogTred is not for lazy humans. While you don't actually get on the treadmill with him, you can't just tie him to the equipment and go about your business.

There is a training process in which you guide him with a leash and interact with the dog, offering bait to get him going. And for safety's sake, you always have to be present while the dog takes his stroll.

DogTred -- adjustable in half-mile increments up to 5 m.p.h. -- tilts for easy storage.

The current model costs $499 and is good for dogs up to 30 pounds.

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