Friday, August 29, 2008

Ali Hillis, Your Dog's Favorite Actress

Ali Hillis knows how to pamper her pooches. The actress refers to her two Boxers as “no less than children” and says she even has climate control in the back of her vehicle so her pets can experience the same luxury she enjoys. She seems to have an affinity for dogs when it comes to her on-screen life as well. Hillis appeared opposite Diane Lane in the 2005 comedy “Must Love Dogs,” and can next be seen in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” this fall.

While the canine-centric film is sure to produce some laughs, Hillis finds that her own dogs bring the most amusement to her life. “I’ve had dogs since I was four,” she says. “I’m a big dog fan. I think they add so much happiness and so much laughter to your life.”

Hillis explains that she also spends a great deal of time rescuing animals. In fact, one of her Boxers, Cooper, is a rescued dog. “You see the hurt and you see the pain,” she says. “If you have some sense of compassion, there is no way you can walk away.”

While Hillis may be happy to gush about her work with animals, she seems quite modest about her impressive acting credentials. This seasoned actress has graced the screen with the likes of Ben Stiller, Robert Downey, Jr. and Jamie Lee Curtis, just to name a few. “I’ve been very lucky to have worked with so many of these actors,” she says. “I never thought I’d end up working with actors of this caliber. I’ve found everyone I’ve worked with to be so real and sincere and welcoming.”

Hillis describes Diane Lane as “warm and sincere” and remembers Robert Downey, Jr. for his “killer dry wit.” She is also quick to discuss the generosity of Jamie Lee Curtis. “She tends to treat everyone to free coffee at Starbucks,” Hillis says. “She’s so generous. She’s always taking care of the crew and the actors.”

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