Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pet Exhibition

The Pets in America Exhibit is opening at the Museum of Florida History. The exhibit will open on June 20 and extend through August 10, 2008. Statistics show that two-thirds of all American households own a pet. Few Americans know anything or little about the history of life with animals at home. This exhibit explores pet ownership in America and tells the story of Americans’ changing relationship with their pets.

“We are pleased to bring this exhibit to Tallahassee from the McKissick Museum in South Carolina,” said Secretary Browning. “Pets play a part in many of our lives and the exhibit will help us understand the changing attitudes over the course of time since animals first were accepted as household pets.”

The exhibit includes more than 200 objects and photographs related to pet keeping. These items were gathered from public and private collections across the country. Although this exhibit has a national appeal, there is a Florida component created by the Museum of Florida History staff that contains a large selection of photographs of Floridians with their pets, including some of governors and other well-known people.

Citrus labels with animal themes, artifacts with pet images, animal figurines and carvings, and various toys make up some of the Florida collection. Relevant topics in the exhibit include famous Florida animals like Flipper and the cats at the Ernest Hemingway Home in Key West, vacationing with pets, and tourist attractions where animals are the stars such as Monkey Jungle and Gatorland.

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