Saturday, June 14, 2008

Arranged Marriages for Indian Dogs

The Lady and the Tramp was all about a sudden romance between a well-brought up female dog and a not-so-refined roadside Romeo canine. Which is somewhat alien to the Indian ethos where romantic pairings are often arranged

The setting up of a dotcom for the mating of canines by an Indian entrepreneur could thus be regarded as a blending of Indian tradition with western technology. It is a known fact that before Independence, rulers in some Indian princely states even performed marriage ceremonies for their dogs.

The 19th century writer Thomas Love Peacock may have stated that “Marriage is at best a dangerous experiment” but the dotcom entrepreneur has left little to chance. Prospective clients have to submit photographs of their dogs and details like age, temperament, and dietary habits. The rationale being that dogs of a similar disposition will get along better together. That a pooch which prefers a quiet evening, perhaps a tad boringly, in front of the TV may not get along with a partying dog who likes to paint the town red.

Which is where the catch is! Walt Disney’s The Lady and the Tramp has shown that, like in human nature, opposites attract in the case of canines. In 21st-century India, daughters of marriageable age have the option of telling their parents that they would prefer someone different instead of continuing with more of the same.

Dogs, however, can only bark their disapproval of the mate their owner has chosen for them and a not-so-savvy pet-keeper may never understand that canine Cleopatra finds top-dog Caesar a bore and would much rather step out with someone less pompous!


Ark Lady said...

Okay, this is two funny. I find your blog and the last two posts related to things happening at my blog--and an interview that just appeared in the Chicago news. You can find the pet wedding article here:

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