Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Retrieva Collars Find Your Dog

Soon, dog owners will be able to hunt down their missing pet pooches, thanks to a high-tech dog collar based on sat-nav technology.

The lockable collar, which was previewed on the first day of the Crufts Show in London, is made of anti-cut material to thwart thieves and can trace an animal even if it inside a building.

The device works by sending texts to the owner’s mobile telephone if the dog crosses a fixed boundary.

After receiving the text message, the owner can log on to a website where, using the sat-nav technology of the collar, they can locate the pet’s position.

Makers Retrieva say that the collar is due to go on sale in the UK starting in July costing about 200 pounds (about $400), plus a monthly fee.

“Dog theft is out there but it’s not high on the list of police priorities, for obvious reasons. But for owners or families, if a dog gets lost it is a traumatic experience,” said Andrew Stuart, the company’s director.

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