Thursday, May 01, 2008

Giving Medicine Doesn't Have to be a Pill!

Sometimes it's inevitable; we have to give our pets medication. And it ain't always easy!

Spending the morning searching for our animal who has sensed that it is time for his medicine though, is never a pleasant experience. Coming home with a bottle of pills that you know your cat is going to spit out when you are not looking is stressful to both the owner and the pet. What if there was a way to have your pets medicine not in pill form though? What if your pet loved medicine time because someone was able to take the same medicine in pill form and transform it into a tasty liver treat? Well, you can. And the place to go is right in the DC area.

Knowles Apothecary is located in Kensington, Md at 10400 Connecticut Avenue #100.

Their compounding pharmacy can prepare:
Flavored medication
Medicine in ideal size, strength, and dosage form
Unavailable medications
Combinations to improve compliance
Novel Devices and Delivery Systems

At Knowles, compounding is actually a means to an end. They work together with veterinarians and their clients and patients to solve medication problems by compounding specialized medications that meet the unique needs of each animal - pets, exotics, horses, or zoo animals.

Check out their website for the latest information.

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