Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pet Tags- A Necessity

Recently my friend adopted a retired show dog from Schnauzer rescue. She came in to GreenPets to pick up the usuals prior to the dogs arrival; a bed, a crate, food, a leash, collar and toys. She had been warned that Schnauzers are notorious for running off to follow their tracking instincts, so when I reminded her that she should make a tag with his name and her phone numbers on it in case such an event occurred, she didn't think twice about it. This simple decision may have saved her a lot of heartache because just this weekend, while my friend was visiting friends in North Carolina; a young, adventurous Dallas, decided that exploration was part of his vacation trip.
Luckily Dallas only made it as far as the neighbors yard, where the neighbor promptly found the information attached to his collar and called for his retrieval .
This story had a happy ending, but I think of so many others that do not. The Washington Humane Society alone sees over 20,000 animals yearly! That is a staggering number and some of those numbers are certainly preventable with responsible pet ownership.
Even if you don't know what you are planning on naming your animal yet, or think you may change your number, or may move- it doesn't matter. When you are thinking of the necessities that you need for your new dog or cat, make sure a tag is at the top of that list. Come into GreenPets today to use our tag machine that engraves your tag for as little as $4.00 and it only takes two minutes!!

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