Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pets are Valentine, Too!

The typical Valentine's Day usually includes a romantic dinner, sentimental cards and sweet treats. However, this year many pet lovers are taking part in a new tradition that involves the four-legged loves of their lives. According to a national Purina PetLover survey of 1,000 U.S. pet owners, more than 60 percent plan to include their pet in their Valentine's Day celebrations. In fact, 43 percent of men said they prefer to spend the holiday with just their pet, citing that their furry companion lowers their stress. And, of the women who said they prefer celebrating Valentine's Day with their four-legged friend, 30 percent said it's because the pet is more in tune with their feelings than anyone else.

"Valentine's Day is no longer a day to celebrate with just our human loved ones -- it's about our pets, too," said Kathy Santo, nationally-recognized dog trainer and author. "Whether it's including their pet in a family photo, insuring their health or showering them with Valentine's Day gifts; it's an indication that more people consider their pets a beloved part of the family."

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