Tuesday, February 05, 2008

LA Neutering Law Passes Initial Vote

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to require the sterilization of most cats and dogs by the time they turn four years old.

The new measure, which passed on an initial 10-1 vote Friday and must pass another reading before enforcement, would give an exception to pets of licensed breeders, service pets and show animals, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

"For decades, I closed every 'Price Is Right' urging viewers to have their pets spayed. ... I'd like to think all of us working together would be enough. But it's not enough. We need legislation," former "Price is Right" television show host Bob Barker said.

Some council members reportedly spoke against the measure by citing health risks for some cats and dogs, but the decision was met with a standing ovation from about 100 people who supported it.

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